Heritage hotel in Auckland bar design with lounge seating

Heritage Hotel

Studio Design + Architecture was appointed by Heritage Hotel Management to refurbish the Heritage Hotel in Auckland. This 1930s building was originally a department store and was converted to a hotel about 14 years ago. The brief was to update the hotel and give it a boutique feel while maintaining some of the original 1930s detailing, such as the original columns.

A complete rejuvenation

The design team undertook a complete rejuvenation of the hotel lobby, lift lobbies and the lobby bar, where a new direction of design transformed the space into a more welcoming and friendly environment for the hotel staff and their guests.

Heritage Hotel Management has since engaged Studio Design + Architecture to provide concept designs for the room refurbishments at the 175-room Heritage Hotel Queenstown.

Welcoming and meeting friendly

Studio Design + Architecture also designed concepts for the guest room refurbishments, completing a mock-up room for the proposed new room interior. Following that a full survey was done on the remaining guest rooms, and the team provided detailed schedules and plans of the refurbishment work to be done.

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