Orakei Village commercial Auckland exterior design drawing with people walking past

Orakei Village

The Orakei Village concept was designed for one of Auckland’s most prestigious suburbs. As part of a larger masterplan, the village consists of a residential building with an additional building for 30 serviced apartments. Studio Design + Architecture’s interpretation uses infinity pools to create a transition between the property and the adjacent ocean.

Warmth and coolness

Timber and glass give off both a warmth and a coolness, mimicking the natural surrounds of the landscape with the blue of the water and sky. The unusual angles of the wooden panels that separate the glass sheets direct light according to the time of day, while the timber landscape elements combine with the facade to create one seamless community.

This new development was designed to be built over the Eastern Line of the Auckland Rail Network near Orakei Station. A promenade runs along the water at the edge of the village for both community, guests and residents to enjoy.

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