Pacific Coast Village Beach House retirement village in Tauranga dining room design

Pacific Coast Village Beach House

Pacific Coast Village is a retirement village on the Tauranga coast and will be home to more than 400 residents. Studio Design + Architecture were commissioned to work alongside Sumich Chaplin Architects to design the interior of the ‘Beach House’. This is the hub of the community, an approximately 2000 sqm building which forms an integral part of the overall masterplan.
Community Hub

The Beach House provides a central meeting place for residents with lounge areas, a bar, a restaurant, a cafe, a 60-seat cinema, a beauty salon and reception area amongst other facilities.

Rather than feeling like a stereotypical Aged Care facility, this interior is more like a relaxed hotel. We used our hospitality experience to create hotel-quality spaces. Off the main entry hall there is the cafe/lounge on one side and the restaurant on the other. The cafe has a library setting and newspaper reading loggia-style room and has both timber and carpeted areas. The materials and finishes used create an elegant but relaxed beachy environment.

Making the most of living in a coastal landscape

The lounge has a generous stone and painted brick fireplace and light painted timber paneled walls with comfy linen-covered furniture. There are many places to sit and socialise and there are several types of furniture settings. The Beach House makes the most of living in a coastal landscape which is experienced throughout with lots of light and views and outdoor areas.

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