Wellington Children's Hospital

Our client Mark Dunajtschik donated $50 million to develop a new 50 bed children’s hospital for Wellington. One of the provisos of the donation was that his company develop the hospital for the CCDHB carrying this right through to construction. Studio Design + Architecture were asked to be part of the team for this landmark project.

The process has been to design the building from the inside out working with the CCDHB nominated Health Planner and following a tight programme in order to get this project built within the 2 year time frame established at the beginning of the project.

Involved from the very beginning

We have been involved from the very beginning, working with the CCDHB to determine the location of the hospital and making sure it connects logically to the rest of the Wellington Hospital, working through the space planning and brief with the Health Planner and then designing the integrated interior and exterior.

The whole project has been developed in Revit and we have used the dRofus system to populate the interior and provide the CCDHB with extraordinarily detailed information. The hospital is over three floors and approximately 7200 sqm with 340 rooms including the 45 bedrooms (a few double rooms) with 36 rooms having ensuite bathrooms. The other spaces are the auxiliary spaces required to run the hospital.

Children's Play Area

Also included is a whole floor of outpatient services with consult rooms, a café, patient waiting areas, an Oncology Unit, Day Stay Unit and a Child Assessment Unit. There is also a large outdoor space being developed as a patient garden area.

This hospital is then linked to the main hospital with a bridge which is in addition to this main hospital project. Interior Concepts are undergoing development for the Wellington Children’s Hospital currently.

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