We are
SD + A

‘Welcome to SD+A, a design incubator that specializes in creating inspiring spaces and places for our clients, telling their unique stories and engaging their people.’

Our story

SD+A was founded by Niki Harrison, our principal designer as a practice committed to deep collaboration with clients, progressive design approaches and a wide-ranging creative synthesis of ideas, brought to life through smart technology.

We have extensive experience across a wide range of design practices, including high-end residential, luxury hospitality, commercial, workplace, healthcare, aged care and project master-planning. What sets us apart is our ability to translate the needs of diverse stakeholders into outstanding buildings and interiors that eloquently address the commercial, social, and human demands placed upon them.

We understand how to integrate sustainable design practices into projects of all scales and budgets, working closely with clients and consultant teams. At heart, SD+A is a passionate, hands-on team of creative makers. We love to design responsive spaces that perform commercially, feel great and empower and inspire everyone who lives, works and socialises in them, and add significance and beauty to built and natural environments.

Niki Harrison


Niki Harrison is Principal at SD+A and leads the Studio where she oversees a wide variety of project types, including hospitality, residential, healthcare and workplace environments.  Niki’s design strength and 30 plus years of experience in Australia, Asia and New Zealand leads her not to use a predetermined aesthetic but reveals itself with a process of discovery in design through listening to clients and developing their ideas and understanding their brand and culture.  With a curious mind and wide contact base she is constantly adding new project types to the firm’s portfolio.

Our approach


Human Solutions

Sustainable, responsive designs that engage with business disciplines and living environments whilst responding to social needs.


Fresh perspectives

A design incubator, we produce exceptional ideas that lift the built environment and heighten the experience to enhance our existence.


Proven methodology

A collaborative approach, comprehensive consultation process and then detailed planning, technical excellence and completion to schedule and budget are all part of our proven methodology.